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  • Buckaroo Rope Cactus Ropes

    The three-strand Buckaroo Rope by Cactus Ropes is very popular among working cowboys.  This all nylon rope is available in a variety of lengths (as well as custom lengths). Ideal for: Ranching

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  • Protégé Header Cactus Ropes

    Cactus Ropes introduces the new 3-strand, 100% nylon Protégé into the Relentless line. This rope combines snap, body, tip weight, and a consistent feel into a medium diameter rope. TheProtégé is the perfect 3-strand complement to the TNT, Xplosion, and C4 and is a welcomed edition in to the Relentless line. PROS WHO USE THIS ROPE: Trevor Brazile Ideal...

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  • Xplosion CoreTX™ Heeler Cactus Ropes

    The increased amount of poly adds weight and body to the center of the Xplosion. This blend places the emphasis of your swing on the tip and adds durability to the rope. The Xplosion is part of Trevor Brazile’s Relentless™ line. PROS WHO USE THIS ROPE: Trevor Brazile, Riley Minor, Andrew Ward, Reagan Ward Ideal for: Team Roping

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  • HOOey Youth Rope Cactus Ropes

    The 100% poly HOOey youth rope is the best feeling and most versatile youth rope on the market today.  Whether for beginners or actively competing youngsters, this rope is the best of its kind.

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  • Collapsible Roping Dummy Stand Mustang

    Mustang Collapsible Roping Dummy (stand only, head not included) The steel roping dummy stand can be broken down flat for easy transport. Steel tubing is powder coated for weather proofing. The hind legs are hinged to the body for a more realistic feel. Metal head plate is universal and will fit most roping heads. Please Note: Item will need to be...

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  • Steer Head Roping Dummy Weaver Leather

    A must-have during roping practice, this roping dummy features a durable, heavy-duty molded plastic design. Steer head has a horn span of 20" and has two 14" metal spikes for easily inserting dummy into a hay bale.

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  • Rope Carrier Strap Weaver Leather

    This burgundy latigo leather carrier keeps rope in place on the saddle and features a clip and dee ring on one end and a slit in the other end.

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  • Dally Wraps red 10x Cactus Ropes

    These uniformly cut strips of rubber are ready to wrap your saddle horn. They last longer, and grip better than inner tubes, while eliminating the rubber build-up on your rope. The red dally wraps are 1" wide. Package contains 10 pieces

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Showing 1 - 8 of 8 items