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  • Curicyn Original Formula

    Curicyn Original Formula is the perfect animal wound care product to have on hand. It helps expedite the healing process. All animals – all wounds. It can be used in any external area of the animal. This includes eyes, ears, nose, etc. Curicyn will not stain, burn, itch or create any sensitivity to the animal.

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  • Curicyn’s Dual Action Gel

    Curicyn’s Dual Action Gel; Insect Barrier Wound Care Gel promotes healing and protects those hard to bandage wounds from flies and insects. This product should not be used around the animal’s eyes nor should it be used on FELINE SPECIES. Will not burn or sting when applied.

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  • Zinc Oxide Skin Protection Spray, 200 ml Waldhausen

    Skin protection salve with zinc. A breathable, waterproof and flexible film protects the skin against wound secretions, sweat, urine, water and harmful agents. Also suitable for impregnating bandages (prevents them from sticking to the wound). Skin protection before applying a plaster of Paris bandage. Directions for use: Spray onto clean, dry skin from...

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  • PEDOCLEAN Hygiene Cleaner 200ml

    Pharmakas HORSE fitform PEDOCLEAN hygienic cleaner for hoof, frog and pastern. Cleans gently and self-acting, reliably removes the biofilm from the hoof and the frog, while maintaining the hoof, the frog and the skin. Regular cleaning with PEDOCLEAN Hygienic Cleaner prevents cracked heels and thrush. Undiluted or diluted usable. With practical and...

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  • Combi Bandage - Set of 4 Waldhausen

    Combined exercise bandage made of 260g fleece material and elastic, 150cm in length, elastic. Material: 90% Polyester, 10% NylonWidth: 10 cmLength: approx.300 cm

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  • Bandage Super Elastic - Set of 4 Waldhausen

    High quality, expandable bandage. Material: 100% PolyesterWidth: 10 cmLength: undelaited ca.200 cm

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  • Cohesive Bandage KERBL

    Cohesive Bandage EquiLastic max. 4.5 m extended length excellent tear resistance shock-absorbing during arduous activity on correct application the bandage supports without blocking the blood flow easy to put on, even on the most difficult places no clips but self-adhesive does not stick to the coat easy to remove using scissors

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  • Sanitary Cotton Cottino Vet KERBL

    Sanitary Cotton 250g 100 % cotton highly absorbent excellent padding packaged in closable bag

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  • Rolled Cotton Wool - 8 Rolls KERBL

    Cotton wool bandage made from synthetic material which acts as padding for a variety of bandages and dressings. • made from crimped, non-absorbent polyester fibres • especially soft and keeps its shape • easy to roll and suitable for direct application to closed skin thanks to its skin-friendly properties • easy and quick to apply to all body parts •...

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  • Padding Absorba KERBL

    • 5 m endless • excellent absorbent padding, soft as silk and porous • use both way as wound padding and sponge • best absorbent properties for better healing as dry wounds are no culture for pathogenic germs • the alternative to mull bandage • purity factor according to Ph.Eur. • packaged in practical transparent box100 % absorbent

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  • Hoof Bandage TESA - Black

    Hoof Bandage Tesa black cotton tape 0,30 mm thick porous, adhesive on one side only (no straw will stick to the bandage)

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  • Fetlock Scissors KERBL

    The curved shape enables fast and easy opening of bandages and reduced the risk of injury to a minimum. stainless version approximate length 20 cm

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  • Adhesive Bandage VetTape KERBL

    Adhesive Claw Bandage VetTape - recommended from veterinarians! with highly adhesive rubber glue excellent adhesive properties well tried as hoof dressing porous

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  • Digital Thermometer Flexible KERBL

    High precision digital fever thermometer with flexible probe high precision rapid measurement in 10 seconds (rectal) or 17 seconds (oral) automatic audible signal at the end of measurement storage of the last value automatic shut-off battery change display waterproof each with a transparent protective sleeve Specifications display range: 32 °C to 42...

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  • Digital Thermometer BigScreen KERBL

    Digital Fever Thermometer BigScreen with flexible probe high precision rapid measurement in 10 seconds with indication backlight: green - no fever, red - fever range automatic audible signal at the end of measurement storage of the last value automatic shut-off switchable from °C to °F battery change display watertight Technical Data display range: 32°C -...

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  • Curicyn Wound Care Clay

    Curicyn Wound Care Clay helps aid in the healing process on difficult to bandage wounds. It is great for packing wounds and hooves. It is easy to use, and it will not burn or sting when applied. Content: 16oz (ca. 450g)

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  • Bigeloil® Leg Wraps Absorbine

    Bigeloil® Quilted Poultice Leg WrapsThis “no-mess” leg poultice makes a tried-and-true method of leg care quick and easy, offering the benefits of traditional ingredients in an innovative format. Unique quilted fiber paper pockets contain the Kaolin clay and Epsom salt so no residue is left on the legs—and there’s no cleanup during application or...

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  • Equi-N-icE Set

    Cooling and compression bandages offer instant cooling compression and support. This makes them an ideal First Aid product for treatment of tendons and ligament strains or for acute or existing soft tissue injuries. Cold and compression is well documented as the most effective way of treating inflammation, swelling and bruising of muscles, tendons and...

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  • Stall Sore Boot Cashel

    A simple solution for horses bruising and developing pressure sores on the foreleg as a result of being down with medical conditions or stalled on hard surfaces. Helps protect existing sores from further aggravation for faster healing. Neoprene exterior, soft fleece lining, and open back for added comfort. Adjustable straps allow the boot to fit a wide...

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  • Medical Hoof Boot Woof Wear

    A unique close fitting hoof boot designed to keep wounds, poultices and dressings clean. This boot is suitable for use in the stable and can be used on sensible horses in the paddock. The boot is designed using flexible and light materials to enable easy fitting and as a cost effective alternative to adhesive bandage and tape. Bearing this in mind...

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