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    fibreglass inner, braided with thread with rubber handle, metal cap and collar made of silver-coloured metal twitch plaited

    CHF 13.90
  • Dressage Whip STANDARD BUSSE

    rayon braided handle rubber coated with mushroom cap and collar made of brass twitch plaited Item is available in our stores, however has restricted shipping and cannot be ordered online.

    CHF 13.90
  • Willi Schultheis Touchier- and Dressage Whip

    Developed by Willy Schultheis, the famous and successful dressage rider & trainer. This dressage whip offers an accurate assistance for dressage riding. The big knob and the white, high- quality handle ensure a perfect grip.

    CHF 19.90
  • Quirt Weaver Leather

    This quirt has a twisted nylon construction with a leather popper and comes in three great color options. Measures 29" long (including an 8" popper).

    CHF 28.50
    In Stock
  • Over & Under Weaver Leather

    Constructed from quality russet harness leather, this over and under is carefully stitched for maximum quality. Measures 1/2" x 57" (including a 12" popper).

    CHF 54.00
    In Stock
  • Telescope Lunging Whip Waldhausen

    High-quality and extremely light weight telescope lunging whip with nylon thong. Made of carbone-fibre glas material. Anti-slip handle. Length of body: 200 cmLength of thong: 250 cm

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    CHF 42.00
  • Telescopic lunging whip with golf grip Waldhausen

    High quality and extremely light telescopic whip with a nylon lash. Its carbon and fibre glass fibre core mix and resulting low weight makes this telescopic whip impressive. Enfeebled arms belong to the past. The anti-slip long golfing grip sits extremely well in the hand. Length: 200 cm Lash length: 250 cm

    CHF 47.00
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items