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Montana Silversmiths has focused on creating western buckles and jewelry of exquisite design for over 40 years. Located in Columbus, Montana, nestled on the banks of the Yellowstone River, our designers live and work in the heart of Montana’s Big Sky country where the silhouette of a horse and the rugged peaks of the Beartooth Mountains are always in sight. In Big Sky country, it’s easy to capture the spirit and drama of the Old West and engrave it in silver.

Artikel der Marke Montana Silversmiths

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  • 3-teiliges Gurtschnallenset - Barbed Wire Montana Silversmiths

    This silver three piece buckle set of a buckle frame, keeper loop and belt tip features classic western style bright cut engraving with brightly polished silver scallop wire trim around the edges. A line of gold barbed wire on hand-painted black accents the edges of all three pieces. Fits a 1 1/2 inch wide beltDimensions: Width: 3" Height: 3" Length:...

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  • 3-teiliges Gurtschnallenset - Antiqued... Montana Silversmiths

    This silver three piece buckle set of a buckle frame, keeper loop and belt tip features beautifully antiqued silver filigree scrolls accented with gold flowers and trimmed with antiqued gold twisted rope. Fits a 1 1/2 inch wide belt.Dimensions: Width: 1.5" Height: 3.2" Length: 0.16"Materials : Gold and Silver Electroplated

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  • 3-teiliges Gurtschnallenset - Texas Star Montana Silversmiths

    This silver three piece buckle set of a buckle frame, keeper loop and belt tip features classic western style bright cut engraving with brightly polished gold twisted rope trim around the edges. A gold State of Texas star concho accent is centered on the middle of the frame. Fits a 1 1/2 inch wide belt.Dimensions: Width: 2.5" Height: 2.75" Length:...

    CHF 178.00
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  • A Heart of Rose Montana Silversmiths

    Small silver oval belt buckle with rose gold finished twisted rope trim and classic western silver finished bright cut filigree engraving. A rose gold finished ribbon filigree curls around a large rose gold heart to a small spray of rose gold finished flowers along the bottom edge. The heart is detailed with rose gold finished flower filigree engraving...

    CHF 95.00
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  • Abendhimmel Schmuckset Montana Silversmiths

    In the Canyon Colors collection, River Lights pieces echo the dazzling light reflected in the wild rivers and shining in the clear night sky using colored stones set in silver finishes. This jewelry set features a lighter colored oval opal that sits in the center of a brilliant cubic zirconia horseshoe with a large cubic zirconia above them both, like the...

    CHF 118.00
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  • Aztec Eyes Halskette Montana Silversmiths

    Ein Attitude Halsband mit einem antiken silberfarbenen Anhänger und einem aus dem Südwesten der USA inspirierten Design und ein Blauen Akzent in der Mitte. Der Anhänger wird mit einer 48 cm langen Kettchen geliefert.

    CHF 36.00
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  • Blue Earth Posy Halskette Montana Silversmiths

    A wistful spray of wildflowers, crafted in antiqued silver filigree, are set with a large oval turquoise cabochon stone. Hung from a polished silver bale on a twisted rope chain necklace.

    CHF 58.00
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  • Blue Lace Ohrringe Montana Silversmiths

    Fun and fancy these earrings have a bold turquoise blue colored marquise shaped stone placed at the top of a larger marquise of antiqued silver tone with an inner floral design surrounded by an edge of tiny swirls. Earrings sway from French hooks.

    CHF 26.00
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  • Bolo Tie mit Zeremonienschädel Montana Silversmiths

    This tall oval pendant features silver finished engraved in traditional western bright cut floral vines like a small garden, framed with a concentric antiqued twisted rope, barbed wire pattern and Western Lace style stitching beading, bringing together all our favorite Western lifestyle elements . Added to this bolo is the gold finished ceremonial buffalo...

    CHF 78.00
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  • Buckle Königsadler Montana Silversmiths

    This smaller sized rectangular shaped antiqued silver tone Attitude belt buckle has a whip stitch type edge, like a leather strand throughout the buckle. The center design features an antiqued silver golden eagle figure. Deeply ridged lines expand out from the center cross. Standard 1.5 inch belt swivel.

    CHF 34.00
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  • Buckle mit Texas Staat Montana Silversmiths

    Square shaped belt buckle with rounded corners is detailed with etched berry trim and several layers of traditional western style bright cut etched rope and floral engraving. Polished high dome silver beads accent each side of the buckle. A gold engraved Texas state shape figure is applied to the center. Standard 1.5" belt swivel.

    CHF 114.00
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  • Buckle Tennessee Montana Silversmiths

    Small, oval cast brass Attitude belt buckle with polished wire trim. Large lettering spelling out Tennessee stretches boldly across, surrounded by a set of antiqued figures in celebration of the "Volunteer State" Tennessee heritage including the Sunsphere Tower, country music and the state seal. Our cast belt buckles are acid washed to add the dark...

    CHF 32.00
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  • Cowboy Up on Fire Montana Silversmiths

    This buckle is made especially for cowboys with an attitude on fire. Medium-sized, oval shape buckle with black epoxy paint for that extra flash and flame. COWBOY UP is spelled out in bold lettering across a brass tone horseshoe surrounded in stylized tribal flames and accented with a longhorn skull at the toe and the cowboy up logo at each end of the...

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  • Cowgirl Up mit pinkem Kreuz Montana Silversmiths

    Oval buckle with antiqued silver tone finish highlighes the beautifully intricate details of the filigree vines filling the space, like overgrown vines on the side of an old Victorian farmhouse, wrapped around the title Cowgirl Up in old style script over a pointed cross made entirely of pink rhinestones. Standard 1.5" belt swivel.

    CHF 46.00
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  • Cowgirl Up® Flügel-Kreuz Montana Silversmiths

    Medium sized oval shape Attitude belt buckle featuring gothic style cross with angel wings spread to fill edge to edge. Detailed with the words "Cowgirl Up" are scripted in pink across the front and two pink crystal horseshoes hooked across the bottom. Black epoxy contrasts with the antiqued silvery metal for an edgy fashion. Trimmed in® beaded detail....

    CHF 52.00
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  • Cowgirl Up® Stars'n Spurs Montana Silversmiths

    This Classic Impressions Attitude antiqued two tone scalloped cast belt buckle is trimmed with a thicker silver colored pinpoint edging. Traditional filigree surrounds the painted Cowbgirl Up slogan that slants across the face of the buckle with a spur rowel while three copper finished stars dot the buckles face. Classic western filigree markings decorate...

    CHF 46.00
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  • Daunenfeder Schmuckset Montana Silversmiths

    Like the small soft downy feathers on a bird this jewelry set's small feather is softly curved giving the impression of softness. Delicate striations along the sides of the feather give the bright silver finish a realistic touch. A small vein of rose gold finish run along the shaft of the feather. Earrings dangle on hypoallergenic French hooks. Necklace...

    CHF 92.00
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  • Double Diamond Schmuckset Montana Silversmiths

    A double diamond design creates this elegant jewelry set with a larger black onyx diamond acting as a background for the smaller clear stone lined open diamond. Earrings hang from hypoallergenic French hooks. Necklace pendant hangs on a princess length 19 inch chain.

    CHF 86.00
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  • Dream Weaver Halskette Montana Silversmiths

    Light and airy as the dreams they capture this necklace swings freely with the wearers movements. A delicately designed silver finished 'web' is a radiating floral design with six small interior hearts. Two fine chains of different lengths attach to the bottom of the web with a small blue bead and a graceful silver finished feather dangle from the end of...

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  • Dreifarbiges Kreuz Montana Silversmiths

    Medium sized, antiqued tri-color square shaped belt buckle with rounded corners, features two large curving leaves and daisy-like flower accents along each side of the deco cross all cast in deep cut high relief detail. Polished wire and high dome bead trim. A large cross detailed with deep cut swirls and silver studs adorns the sides. Standard 1.5" belt...

    CHF 46.00
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