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  • Stud Muffins

    Package à 3 pieces. Healthy and tasty treats for your horse. Contain many nutritients and fibres.

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  • Stud Muffins Celebration Cake

    Celebrating a special day in your horse’s life is easy with the Stud Muffins Celebration Cake. This delicious 8-portion cake is made from the same ingredients as our ridiculously tasty Stud Muffins treats so now all you have to do is decide how to decorate it. Content: 600g

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  • Chia seed treats Waldhausen

    Tasty horse treats with nutritous chia seeds. Content: 750 g

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  • Kidney Herbs Stiefel

    to support kidney functionMany horses suffer from metabolic problems. Often the excretory organs such as the liver and kidneys are overburdened and are no longer in the position to perform as effectively as necessary. Kidney herbs can regulate and promote the excretion of water in a natural way. With nettles, birch leaves, silverweed, golden rod, common...

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  • Liver Herbs Stiefel

    to support liver function The liver, in its role as the detoxification organ, also has important tasks within the overall metabolic system and is often under great strain through exterior influences or feed. The selected herbs have plenty of bitter substances and tannins, which stimulate liver function when there are feed-related deficiency symptoms and...

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  • Rampion 1kg Stiefel

    Good for the musculoskeletal system May take a anti-inflammatory effect, decongestant and pain killing. Works successfully against arthrosis, joint problems and tendonitis. Content: 1 kg / pellet

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  • MSM 1kg Stiefel

    For Coat, skin, horn and joints MSM is an active sulphur compound which may take a positive effect on joints and cartilage. In case of laminitis and joint problems MSM may improve the horse's willingness to perform. MSM is said to relieve pain, arthrosis and swellings. Content: 1 kg

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  • Himalayan Salt Lick

    Dieser Leckstein besteht aus 100% naturreinem, unbehandeltem Himalaya-Kristallsalzstein. Er hat sich über Jahrmillionen mit Mineralien und Spurenelementen angereichert und erst noch in einer Form, die von Mensch und Tier aufgenommen und verwertet werden kann. Alle Tierarten werden diesen Leckstein mit Genuss verwenden. Gewicht: ca. 3.5 kg

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  • Electrolyte Liquid Waldhausen

    Intense physical activity and sweating may lead to a loss of important nutrients. Waldhausen Electrolyte stabilises the water and electrolyte balance when there is a risk of digestive problems, beforehand, during or afterwards (cases of diarrhoea). Composition: sodium chloride 20.00 %, potassium chloride 7.50 %, glucose 4.00 %, magnesium chloride 2.50...

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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 items